First Inspiration – Edinburgh, Scotland July 2010

My wanderings began in July 2010 at a time of great change in my life. My short-lived marriage had recently ended and I was going through a period of self discovery. What to do next? Where will the future take me? Well I ended up in Edinburgh, Scotland on a last-minute, unplanned trip across the Atlantic. Flight booked, check. Place to stay, check. Vacation booked from work, an afterthought but check. Everything was set and one week later I boarded an American Airlines flight going in the opposite direction to Philadelphia, stopping in Manchester and finally after about 10 hours of airplanes and airports I was in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

My voyage was almost three weeks of a strange fog of bliss that helped inspire me to indulge in myself for the first time in many years. I saw Edinburgh, Glasgow, North Berwick (my favourite seaside town) and many little spots all the way to Glen Coe, a small town in the mountains of the highlands with a rather bloody history of a massacre, through the guidance of my Scottish friends and family.

Graffiti Stencil - The Meadows Edinburgh by Louise ReynoldsThe blur of a ceilidh dance (yes I went to a ceilidh benefit for Tibetian refugees) and the rough ediges of the capital of Scotland (I went on a self guided Trainspotting tour) were gone before I knew it. But before I left I took a tour of the Meadows and my friend Lou showed me a stencil that she had done of her brother. The simplicity and detail of this Bansky inspired piece of art enspired me. Before I knew it the trip was over, beginning already to slip into the cloud of memory, a sad parting at an airport and a 27 hour trip home began (I was stuck in the Pittsburg airport for 20 hours).

So as my plan landed I began to teach myself how to create these pieces of art myself. More on that later. With new inspiration and wonder I went back to my routine of biking and self discovery that has been a part of my live ever since.


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