My First Wandering Continued

Was in a rush to publish my first post, and share my personal journeys in life with the world, I neglected to include some important elements of my wandering inspiration. Beginning in my favourite town, North Berwick (on a side note my dream is to retire there and open up a cafe with local art and views of the ocean) where I was astonished at the views of islands in the ocean and a wonderful Victorian era beach and pier. Across East Lothian and its quaint towns and sprawling farmland to the ancient capital of Edinburgh. A city of castles, sprawling parks and little pockets of street art hidden in plain view. Outside the city limits we climb towards Glen Coe, where the scent of murderous deceit creeps into the modern world. A place with sprawling roads that climb into the mountains and where a hidden gem of a pub can be found only steps down the road from a campground (The Red Squirrel) in the valley of Glen Coe.

Always a fan of British music my trip also opened my eyes, and ears, to the honest sounds of a multitude of Scottish Indie bands. Feel free to take a listen to some of my favourites as you look through the memories of my time in Scotland:

The Fratellis – Ole Black and Blue Eyes

Frightened Rabbit – Skip the Youth

Mull Historical Society – Must You Get Low

My Latest Novel – all in all in all is all

and We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices

And then I was home… More insights into me, next post..


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