The long Trip Home



The title for this post is both figurative, and literal. It was two years ago that my trip begin so I thought it was rather fitting to begin this post on 2 years and one month since I arrived home, lots of time for reflection. As I left behind a few weeks of experiences that I believe changed me in some very important ways, I walked along the tarmac and looked at the plane I was about to board, wondering if this was the last image I would have of Edinburgh, and the people who had left a mark on my soul.

I boarded the flight and read through some hand-written notes that I had put together while enjoying a cafe Americano overlooking some beautiful monument that had stood the test of time, looking down the Royal Mile. iPod in my hand with a song playing that pretty much summed up what I was feeling, “Days” by the Kinks. I find that whenever I leave a place that has left an impression on me I contemplate the question. Will I ever see this place again? As the engine began to roar I responded to one last text, “Chat soon, will call when I land in Manchester”, and pledged to myself that I would indeed set foot in this magical city once again.

In my haste to plan this last-minute trip I had booked my flights on the least expensive airline I could find, American Airlines. On a side note I will never travel with that company again. My trip home consisted of Edinburgh to Manchester (short wait) then off over the Atlantic. Instead of stopping in Halifax, we flew over and went to good old Philadelphia. A slight inconvenience as it originally called for a 1 hour wait to head back the way we came, but because of over booking I spent 27 hours waiting to go home. Lots of time to think about what would be next as I melted away in 50 degree humidity and slept in these wonderful lodgings.

When I had left Scotland it was 17 degrees and I was quite comfortable wearing a long sleeve shit and a leather jacket. After 27 hours in the balmy heat lets just say I was due for a shower. Oh my oh my! I spent that evening longing for the place I had left, not ready to leave behind the memories, wondering if I could ever recreate the passionate wonder that had taken over my soul. “Love is a Lazerquest” by the Arctic Monkeys, summed it all up. A bit of anger but deep acceptance of what the future would bring.

I arrived in Halifax 27 hours late, to the smell of fresh cool air, the one memory that always accompanies my voyages home over the years. Happy, sad, thankful and ready to take charge of life. For months I took the same trip every day, biking along the Dartmouth waterfront, discovering new graffiti and exploring in my own backyard things I had always taken for granted. Creating my own art and looking for ways to improve my life. Lesson learned from my trip, the people and places you discover in life do not define you but help shape the person you become. Thank-you Edinburgh 2010. More to come in the near future, pictures of art I produced and images that have inspired me. Though my next post may take a bit of a turn in the road, reflections on urban development in Halifax.


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