Reflections on Halifax – First post of many

I have been wanting to write a series of thoughts and observations about the city I currently live in, Halifax. By Halifax I mean the current Halifax Regional Municipality, which includes the former city that I grew up in, Dartmouth. What I wish to start with is the things that I love about the city, including the opportunities that I hope the city will consider before it continues down the current route of suburban expansion and feeding the already deeply rooted car dependent culture.

Since I was a young child I have loved History, I grew up listening to stories about the war (WW2), the history of the area, how my Grandfather saved a young boy during the Halifax explosion. How my Father was cut by flying glass during the second, and all the missing landmarks that time erased were pointed out to me by my Father who helped fuel my curiosity.

The list of things I love about Halifax:

  1. The history of the city and the remaining landmarks that help us remember our interesting history.
  2. The beautiful wooden architecture.
  3. The Hydrostone – a fantastic historical neighborhood in the North End created in New Town style to house displaced families from the Halifax Explosion.
  4. Downtown Dartmouth, including the waterfront park and Trails. A beautiful place to relax and take in the views of Downtown Halifax, while biking, walking or just laying in the grass.
  5. The Citadel Hill – A historic fortress in the centre of the city. I don’t care about the views just the building itself.
  6. The waterfront. The city was created because of this wonderful asset and it defines our past, present and future.
  7. Our many wonderful bars and restaurants, that include everything from wonderful neighborhood spots like Tess in the North End to Chives, Nectar, the Economy Shoe Shop, Henry House including the rather secret top floor Drawing Room, Celtic Corner and the list goes on and on.
  8. Our fantastic local music ranging from Matt Mays, Joel Plaskett, Jenn Grant, Classified, Chad Hatcher, plus many more…

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Most of the things I ultimately love about the city are attached to its history but I also think there is room to grow within the Downtown Core, the North End and Downtown Dartmouth. This growth is beginning to happen but there are many group that are being left behind. Those include longtime residents, students and families that are being push out into the suburbs due to the rising cost of housing within the city. An area that was once an area that I remember being full of students, young professionals, families and working class people, is now the refuge of wealthy retired couples.

Next post I will reflect on what I believe could help us recreate a vibrant downtown core within the city of Halifax.


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