Some Graffiti Wanderings

It has been quite a while since I actually posted some images of graffiti that I have come across during my travels. Well most of the travels lately have been around the corner or another Canadian city, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. As I mentioned in my earlier posts when I came back to Canada from my trip to Scotland I felt refreshed with a new perspective on life. Nothing like a good trip and a bit of romance to get you excited about all the possibilities life has in store.

I began by creating my own stencils, inspired by a Miss. Louise Reynolds that showed me some Bansky style graffiti on the streets of Edinburgh. It took a bit of time but it became a great outlet that I could escape into and express myself. I also started taking photographs of anything that inspired me.

Next post I will search around for some pictures of my stencils. I have done everything from people that I care about to music artists that have kept the beat as the days pass by. Lately I have been listening to much of the same music that I had on my playlist through my travels, both external and internal. The other day I downloaded a great track by the legendary hip hop group the Hieroglyphics, Gun Fever.


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