First Bike Trip of the Year through Downtown Dartmouth

One of my favourite things to do during the Summer months is to hop on my mountain bike and drive along the Halifax/Dartmouth waterfront. It is a time for me to put on my headphones and listen to great music. See beautiful scenery, get in shape and take pictures of scenery and find new graffiti. All in all usually one of the highlights of my week. We all work hard and this is my time to zone out, explore my surroundings and dream.

The other day was sadly the first time that I have managed to get out on my bike this season. I plan on rectifying this in very short order. In the last few months I have moved so my usual bike trip has turned out to be a bit longer then it used to be but that just gives me more time to explore.

Half way through my trip I usually sit down on the rocks along the waterfront and sip on coffee while I look towards the Halifax skyline. The other day I began to notice some of the changes happening in Downtown Dartmouth. What was once a very industrial area full of run down ships is now transforming into one of the largest waterfront developments to ever take place in the Halifax region. It is named Kings Wharf and it is going to be quite beautiful once it is complete. For now there is a wonderful contrast between the grit of the area and the new buildings going up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Plus I thought I should share a bit of my bike music. First up is Taste the Coat by Admiral Fallow. When I listen to them I feel connected to my surroundings, in this case the ocean.

Since it was my first bike post this year I think Bicycles by the Macabees is appropriate.


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