Montreal Graffiti and Music

The other day I was listening to some music from my favourite French music artists, Coeur de pirate. She is young and fantastically talented and has been credited to making French music accessible to a whole new generation of Quebec youth. Sadly I do no speak French, but I do love to listen to her music and most of the time I believe I know what she is saying.

Her music reminds me of the energy of Montreal, a place I have visited many times of the last ten years. My last trip I managed to grab a few pictures of some graffiti that was a bit on the rough side but still inspiring.

While listening to Coeur de pirate and researching her music I found an English song she did, One for Me, under the name, Pearls. Plus I found out she is currently doing an English album, hopefully that will make her music even more accessible.

Plus a song called Mission Bells she did as a side project with Jay Malinowsky of Bedouin Soundclash.


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