Graffiti Stencils

For a while now I have been meaning to do a post on my graffiti stencils and have finally managed to put together a few pictures some of the pieces I have done over the last few years. When I began looking into how to create a detailed stencil I looked over the net and found quite a few resources on how to create the pieces. My creative process takes some of the tips that I discovered with a bit of a personal take:

  1. I usually start with a photograph that I have taken. Most of my stencils are portraits of people in my life. I have done some abstract pieces but I usually find inspiration in people I know.
  2. Photoshop is the next step. I manipulate the colours and the hues to create an image that I can print out and begin cutting out the dark spaces.
  3. Once the images has been manipulated to my liking I print it out on card stock, usually 8 x 10 and being to manipulate the image further with a black marker.
  4. Once I have figure out where to cut the image is cut out using a razor blade. The key is to ensure that there is enough white space. Without it you will end up cutting out the entire image and it will fall apart. Not a good outcome when you are making a stencil that you can reuse.
  5. Finally after about an hour or two of work you have a stencil ready to do a test spay with. I usually do it on a large piece of card stock and then comes the final step.
  6. After I have perfected the look of the print I attach the stencil to a piece of canvas and begin the spray. I have used my stencils on outdoor spaces but I usually stick to canvas so it is hung and appreciated for what it is.

In total I have probably created about 100 stencils but sadly only have pictures of the ones below. Last time I moved I realized my wall space didn’t allow for me to display all of my work and they are now in storage. Some time I will get them out and share more of the pictures. Below are some of the pieces that I have done over the last few years. The detail has improved and I have experimented with various colours.

Creating the stencils is a way for me to explore my creative side. I have always wanted to be able to paint but haven’t been able to perfect those skills. This gives me a chance to take an image with some personal meaning and give it a new life.


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