How I Create My Graffiti Stencils

It has been way too long since I last did a post and I had promised for sometime that I would post some of my graffiti stencils. Now that I am all moved into my new apartment and my stencils are unpacked I figured the time was right to share them with you all.

For those of you that haven’t read my posts in the past, I first began doing stencils a few years ago. I had just come back from a trip to Scotland and was at a new phase in my life. Inspired and looking for a way to express myself I undertook the goal of learning how to create a graffiti stencil.

It took a few trials and tribulations to get it right but the way that worked for me began with taking a picture that inspired me. I quickly found that people, especially people who were close to me were my inspiration. Though I have drawn a few images of famous musicians and turned them into stencil art as well.

The next step is to create the stencil itself. I spend quite a bit of time manipulating the image in photo shop before printing it out on photo paper. I use photo paper because it is still enough to use multiple times. Below are two images to give you an idea of what my stencils begin as.

phil and jill
This is the stencil I did for a piece or a friends wedding, Phil and Jill.
I did this stencil to celebrate my Halloween costume last year. Dr. Horrible..

Once the stencil is created I usually do a spray test on a piece of cardboard paper to make sure the image comes out as I envisioned. Once I have tested a few times the spraying begins. The great thing about stencils is once they are created and you can use them over and over to create the exact duplicate image. I have done some spay on concrete walls but I normally put mine on canvas so they can be hung on the wall. Below are a few examples of pieces that I have created.

This is the second stencil I created. It is done on a thick piece of card stock. A picture of the girl that helped me find stencils. Probably my favourite piece.
This is the first stencil I created. I like this piece but it was without a doubt my first try. My detail has improved quite a bit.
This is a piece I did a few years ago for the wedding of my friends Phil and Jill.
I started experimenting in different colours. Two pin ups, one in silver and one in red. They look quite striking up on the wall together.
Last year I dressed up as Dr. Horrible for Halloween. I was so excited I put together this piece to celebrate the costume. True story!
This is a self portrait of me, the photo was taken on my last trip to Scotland. I think I caught my image in decent detail.
As I mentioned I have done some photos of music artists. This is one that I drew based on a rather famous image, then I put it on canvas.
My friend Jill again in frames. I decided to take one smaller stencil and repeate the image in black and silver. Here is the end result.

So here is how I create my stencils. Hope you enjoyed the process, as much as I have enjoyed learning how to create the pieces. I always need a bit of inspiration when I create my stencils, usually some music to help me get into the creative zone. Song for today’s blog, Oxford Comma – Vampire Weekend.


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