#Pinups as a #Brand with the band the #Fratellis

As those who read my blog know I really love graffiti, music and art. For me all of these things go hand-in-hand and all of them for for me create an atmosphere that adds to the fabric of urban life. You might have also noticed that I love Indie Rock, particularly British/Scottish bands. Working in Marketing I also tend to look at the brands that companies create for themselves and one of my favourite Scottish Indie bands has really built a brand usual the visual element of the classic pinup.

I first discovered the Fratellis on my trip to Scotland a few years ago, I managed to see them in a cavernous club under the old walls of Edinburgh, the name of this club currently escapes my mind, but it had fantastic atmosphere and great acoustics. There is nothing better than discovering a new band, in a new city, in a venue that is quite inspiring on its own.

The music was the first thing that attracted me to the Fratellis, it was a bit old school and very upbeat. Quite different then other Scottish Indie bands I listened to. The second part I didn’t discover until I arrived home and started researching the band and buying their albums. They used pinups on their album covers and in some of their videos.

Below are a few pictures from their second album, Costello Music:


Interestingly enough one of their songs on the album, Chelsea Dagger, is about a burlesque dancer, John Fratellis wife,  and I have a feeling she inspired the bands use of the pinup.

They continued the use of the pinup brand in the song Flathead.

The band (brand) has moved away from the pinup over the last few years but they have continued to focus on interesting design and great visuals in their album art and videos. Their new album is being released in the next five days and I have been quite impressed by their use of promoted pre-sales, and attractive purchase price for signed LP’s. Well done evolution of Marketing and Brand. Below is their new single and check out their site and if you are so inclined pre-order a signed album, TheFratellis.com.


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