Would live be better if people couldn’t lie? #theinventionoflying #thoughts

I just re-watched the movie the Invention of Lying. It is a well written movie with a bit of comedy but tons of thought provoking elements if you look below the surface. I think we all try to be good people and try to safeguard the feelings of others, in our daily interactions. But would the world be better or worst if people did not tell lies to each other, even white lies? One of the funniest parts of the movie is their first date scene. In a world without lying there are no misconceptions on where people stand but there is also no room to disregard the realities and discover what is below the surface.

I always try to find some music for each post I do and while watching the movie I thought I was listening to a Bob Dylan song. Turns out it is Try and Catch the Wind by Donovan. I end this post asking you to think about truths, white lies and contemplate a world with and without lies. I think there is always a happy medium but it is something to contemplate.


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