A Long Overdue Graffiti Wandering #halifax #streetart #graffiti

Today I was taking a look through some of my recent photos and realized that I haven’t posted any graffiti shots for a little while. I found a bit of a theme in a few of my recent pics which was hidden art and expression. When I was young my Grandfather taught me a valuable lesson on a trip to the England. As we went into one of the many cathedrals that we visited on the trip he said, “Jeff, whenever you enter any building or walk down any street make sure you look up and all around. Too many people spend their lives staring in a straight line and they miss so much of what is around them.”

Those words of wisdom have stayed with me all of these years and I find myself always surveying my surroundings. Whether it is looking up at buildings or around corners, I never seem to want to miss a detail that might contain some hidden beauty. I have come to notice a few things about Halifax street art:

1. There are lots of hidden pieces on the top of buildings. Some quite beautiful.

2. There are lots of alleys with not so beautiful pieces but I still appreciate them as hidden areas of self-expression.

3. Some of my favourite pieces are highly visible so if I ever forget to look up I can still appreciate something beautiful.

On that note I am posting a few of each of my favourite examples:

Hidden Building Pieces:

Rooftop Graffiti, Agricola Street, Halifax, Lion and Bright
Rooftop Graffiti on the one and only Agricola Street, above Lion and Bright.
rooftop, hidden graffiti, Gottingen Street, Halifax
I love Gottingen Street in the North End of Halifax. Some Rooftop graffiti in plain view, look up.
hidden graffiti, building top, Halifax, Barrington Street
This will soon be gone on the side of the Roy Building, which is being redeveloped.

Alleyway Self Expression:

Hidden, Self Expression, Graffiti, Spring Garden Road
This is a bit of self-expression off Spring Garden Road.
graffiti, abandoned lot, Gottingen Street, North End, Halifax
Some self-expression in an abandoned lot off Gottingen Street.

Beauty in Plain Sight:

Gottingen Street, Halifax, graffiti, street art
My favourite piece of graffiti that you can’t miss on Gottingen Street.
Graffiti, Stencil, North End, Halifax, Streetart
I love Graffiti Stencils, one in full view in the North End of Halifax.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Feeling like a Vampire Weekend to Me.



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