Summer Moments #halifax #biking #graffiti

The last two weeks have been a bit of a life adventure full of special moments and plenty of exploring and taking in the sights. Times to sit and watch the sunset on long summer bike rides and appreciating the simple moments. A few shots to celebrate taking the time to embrace the special moments of life. I always include a song that sums up the what is going through my mind in the moment. A friend introduced me to this song today, a great singer songwriter plus it is a duet. A lost art in my humble opinion.

Biking, Halifax, Summer 2014
Biking Break in Halifax
Streetart, graffiti, Halifax
Street art in Halifax
Streetart, graffiti, Halifax, Summer 2014, Total Bliss, Happiness
Reflection and Street Art in Halifax
Halifax, 2014 Summer, Waterfront
Walk on Halifax Waterfront
View, Halifax, Ferris Wheel, Halifax 2014
View from Ferris Wheel in Halifax
Ferris Wheel, Halifax, Smmer 2014
Ferris Wheel in Halifax
Biking, Brodie Bikes, Halifax, Fixed Gear Bike
Biking in Point Pleasant Park


Graffiti, Dartmouth, Summer 2014
Graffiti in Dartmouth


Graffiti, Dartmouth, Summer 2014
Graffiti in Dartmouth
Graffiti, Halifax, Summer 2014
Graffiti Point Pleasant Park

IMG_0475 IMG_0474

Graffiti, Halifax, Point Pleasant Park, Summer 2014
Graffiti in Point Pleasant Park Halifax

IMG_0473 IMG_0485


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