Dreaming of an end to Winter #exploring #graffiti #biking

The last month has been full of winter storms, snow filled sidewalks and lots of daydreaming. This winter feels like it has been unusually long for the Maritimes and even though I was lucky enough to have a fantastic week break in the Dominican Republic with my girlfriend.

In addition to escaping winter and relaxing on a beach I managed to take in a bit of graffiti searching in Santo Domingo and a small rough around the edges town called Bocca Chica.

I found it very interesting that most of the street art was advertising for local businesses, I even found a stencil for an election campaign for the Presidential election. There was street art, empty lots and then areas full of lush vegetation. Absolutely stunning landscape in a developing nation. The only thing I regret is not having a bike to go exploring further, next trip there I will be packing a bicycle and doing a bit of exploring.

This is a bit of a segue into my next blog post. My search for a new fixed gear bike before the Summer. Another thing I am dreaming about, Summer biking and sunshine…


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