Fixed Gear Bike Choices – Still Dreaming of Sunshine #bikes #music #fixedgear

As mentioned in my last blog post I am getting a bit of the winter blues. There were a few last storms, but the spring melt has begun in Halifax and I am dreaming of bikes and bike rides under the sun and stars in the warm weather that is coming.

Last year I picked up a new mountain bike, a kickass Brodie, and this year I am looking to treat myself to a fixed gear for some nice city biking. As I have been looking around, or more accurately scouring the internet, for the perfect fixie I have come across a few great options. Now the big question. Which one will I buy?

My goal is to find an entry-level, but visually engaging bike at a reasonable cost. Customization is key and I also want a fixie that has a good reputation and solid build. My search has taken me to many sites, shops and dead ends but here are my final three bike company choices.

  1. State Bicycles 
  2. Pure Fix Cycles
  3. Regal Bicycles

All three are quite similar feature wise with their standard offering, though State has a ton of customization options. Pure Fix is a decent option but I think the path has led me to the only Canadian company on the list. Regal Bicycles from Toronto, yes a Canadian company which makes me smile along with FREE shipping. Torn between a base model:

The King Midas

Regal Bikes the King MidasOr a more Premium Model, The Victor

The Victor

The purchase will happen in the next few week so I will keep you posted. Until then a bike inspired song by Mark Ronson.

If you have any thoughts on any of the bikes of Fixie advice Please send me a note..


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