Summer Thoughts and Pictures #graffiti #beach #streetscapes

The Summer in Nova Scotia is wonderful. On a nice day the sun is shining the trees are so lush it almost looks tropical. Sure we do get a bit more rain then I would like but sometimes a sun shower can create a lovely moment where you rush to grab shade under the nearest overhang.

Lately I have been feeling very reflective, every place I go, every picture I take and every moment seems to stir some emotion deep inside me. Sometime the feelings are good, sometimes not-so-much but all in all it is good to feel something. People sometimes push their emotions deep inside them because of fear, insecurity or past experiences. Lesson learned this is not the way to live.

So from now on take a look around you, cherish the moments as they come your way and remember everything appreciating what is was and now is. Lately I have taken a few new graffiti pics and some shots of the city, each filled with some memory, current or past.


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