Summer is Slipping Away But I Have Photos

Summer has began to slip by very quickly without me even noticing it was here. For me September tends to be a month of reflection, mainly because it is my birthday month, and this year it would appear that I have a great deal to think about. That is not necessarily a bad thing but to be honest I wish that I was looking back at a Summer of delight rather then one of changes and paths forward.

The National – 29 Years 

There were some wonderful things that happened that I should focus on as there is always glimmers of wonderful in the middle of cloudy change:

  • I became an uncle for a second time. My lovely sister had her first child.
  • I bought a new bike and have been enjoying the rides as often as I can.
  • Sometimes another persons smile is the most wonderful thing you can experience.
  • The people I care about have been enjoying lots of happiness, which is something important to celebrate.
  • I have realized something important internally that even though it hurts makes me happy I can still feel something very powerful, that I thought was lost.
  • Sometimes other peoples happiness is more important then our own, selfishness isn’t something I want to have on my agenda.
  • I have discovered beautiful things in unexpected places.

So we always do have things that are fantastic and should be cherished, you just need to search and discover what is really important. I don’t really want my blog post to just be something personal so I have included some new Summer pics, of streetscapes, Graffiti and of course my new Bike.

New Song on The Fratellis New Album – Baby Don’t You Lie to Me (Super Excited to grab it on vinyl)

The Libertines – Don’t Look Back Into the Sun (Also excited for their new reunion album to drop)


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