Are memories as good as time travel?

So I asked myself a question the other day, “Are memories an adequate replacement for time travel?”. I know, a weird question but one that has been stuck in my head ever since I thought about it. Long story short I have been having a bit of a rough few weeks, life changing stuff that I didn’t realize could affect we the way it has. You live and you learn, they say, but at my age I had hoped I would stop learning these life lessons. Well I have not. True story!

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Urban Renewal in Halifax 1959 – 1969 #urban planning #halifax

I had meant to share this great link with my last post, over 4,000 images of the Halifax peninsula before the massive urban renewal projects of the 1960s. These images show Halifax before Scotia Square, and the Cogswell Interchange (which is set to be redeveloped).

102-39-1-857.2   102-39-1-1127.11

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Streetcars in Halifax, We had them Way Back When #halifax #development #transportation

I have been looking at old pictures of Halifax quite a bit lately. As new development are built and more announced my mind has been thinking about transportation in the city. There is the ever present debate about commuter rail, which could make travel into the city core much more efficient if done properly. What […]

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